The Greenwald Law Firm, LLC is located in Shreveport, Louisiana with affiliate offices in Baton Rouge and Lake Charles, Louisiana. The firm handles cases involving personal injury, death claims, product liability, maritime, employment discrimination, railroad and airplane accidents, class actions, family law, and criminal law.

Personal Injury

Personal injury can come from a number of factors, such as a car accident, workplace injury, product liability, or professional negligence, among others. Greenwald Law Firm LLC is well equipped and staffed to handle all manner of personal injury cases within Shreveport, LA. You will receive a personal injury attorney who can help you restore your wealth and general well-being to the status before the injury. …more



After struggling to shake off your debts, it may reach a point where your options seem exhausted. However, there is always a way to seek protection against your creditors, and that is bankruptcy. If you are seeking bankruptcy protection, it is time you talked to a bankruptcy attorney. Getting in touch with me at the Greenwald Law Firm LLC is a good place to start. …more



If you or your child is facing criminal charges, it makes perfect sense to talk to a criminal attorney who can provide legal advice, as well as defense in court. I have practiced criminal law at Greenwald Law Firm LLC and represented many clients within Shreveport, LA. I guarantee to do my best to execute the mandate you give me in court. …more